Save on Your Next Kia with Kia Lease Deals from Superior Kia

Did you know you can save hundreds on the cost of a brand-new Kia?  Imagine driving through Batavia, OH or Covington, KY in your new Kia Sportage or beautiful new Kia Forte.  That dream is even closer to reality when you take advantage of lease deals at Superior Kia in Cincinnati.

Discover Lease Specials

Saving on your next Kia is as simple as finding the right lease deal on the model you have had your eye on.  With just a couple of thousand dollars down at the time of signing, you can lock in a payment, less than $200 a month on most models, to save every month, as long as your contract lasts.  That means you can drive the Kia Soul or Kia Telluride you have longed for, for a price you can afford and love.

Why Lease a Kia

Choosing to lease a new Kia, instead of deciding to buy it through financing, is a great way to experience everything a Kia has to offer.  Style and technology are on display and will always feel fresh when you lease a Kia from Superior Kia.  Leasing is a great way to save on monthly payments, compared to purchasing a car.  Because your leased Kia car or crossover won't experience the same amount of depreciation as if you were to buy it.  Not to mention your warranty will cover any major repairs you might need during your contract term.

You know you are in love with many of the Kia models available at Superior Kia.  The hardest part is deciding which model is the best fit for you.  One thing is for certain; when it is time for you next Kia to get you around Fairfield and Harrison, don't finance it, lease it from Superior Kia and start saving on your monthly payments with leasing specials.