Hosting the Perfect New Year's Eve Dinner Party - December 28, 2017

To make a New Year's Eve dinner party perfect, you need to plan ahead. Even if you've hosted several dinner parties, it's still a good idea to make a list as you're bound to forget something. When you hold a dinner party, you don't have just one busy day; you're going to be busy for about a week before the party. Even if you normally keep your house spotless, you'll be working on cleaning an organizing before the party.

On top of that, this is the week you decide it's time for a new Kia. And why not? With year end closeout sales on 2017 models, now's the time to pounce. You can save some time by combining a shopping trip and a trip to Superior Kia all in the same day. While you're taking some time to relax, browse though our online showroom to get an idea of what you want to test drive. You'll be able to knock of quite a bit of time at the dealership if you know what you want before you come in.

Test drive the models you found online, and then pick one, sign the lease or finance documents, and head out to do the shopping for the dinner party in your new Kia.

Picking the Meal

When you plan the meal, keep in mind the number of people you are inviting and how much cooking you are going to do. If you have 20 people over, cooking steaks on the stove isn't going to cut it. However, if you want to do steaks for the dinner party and you have a large grill, you can cook everything inside while the steaks are cooking outside. And, on a side note, be sure you know how to cook steaks to everyone's tastes.

If you're not using the oven to bake anything, be sure you have oven-safe bowls and pans. You can keep some foods warm in the oven while finishing other foods.


Be sure you have enough room to seat everyone. Even if not everyone gets to sit at the dining room table, a dinner party will work. Some may be able to sit at a kitchen bar, some may choose to sit in the living room. If you don't allow food in any room except the kitchen and dining room, make sure you keep your invitation list down to the number of people who will fit in the dining room.


Be sure to have the proper decorations and accessories for the dinner party. Whether you have a holiday centerpiece or flowers for spring, you'll want to get them ready ahead of time unless you're using fresh flowers.

Visit Superior Kia

Stop by Superior Kia to test drive a new vehicle and to learn more about your favorite model's features.

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