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Cancer is a struggle that affects virtually every family in Southern Ohio, either directly or indirectly. Superior Kia near Fairfield, OH, is proud to support the Black & White Cancer Survivors Foundation in its mission to increase the number of cancer survivors in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities!

Sponsoring a Worthy Cause

Superior Kia is proud to sponsor a variety of outstanding and hard-working charities around Covington, KY, and other local areas. The Black & White Cancer Survivors Foundation started more than 10 years ago as a brainchild among two friends. Since then it has grown into a successful grassroots campaign, focused on raising awareness for cancer screenings and other early detection processes!

Celebrating More Cancer Survivors

The annual Black-Tie Gala near Batavia, OH, is set for Saturday, November 2nd at Duke Energy Convention Center. The formal affair will be happening for the 11th straight year, and Superior Kia is proud to once again be a sponsor. Time is our most precious asset, especially when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Superior Kia is proud to play a small part in helping the community find more time to beat cancer, and more time as cancer survivors!

Superior Kia Is Always Looking for Ways to Give Back

Visit our events page to learn more about the multitude of local events near Harrison, OH, that we're proud to sponsor. Our success at Superior Kia comes from the customers and friends who do business with us on a daily basis! See us soon to learn more!

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