At Superior Kia, we firmly believe in giving back to our community. Located in the greater Cincinnati area serving those in Fairfield, Harrison and Batavia, OH along with Covington, KY we make sure to sponsor and lend a helping hand to great causes going on throughout the year. It's our commitment to making the city a better place, as we're your neighbor believing in helping out whenever we can.

Among the many different causes that we help, they include the likes of the Black and White Cancer Survivors Foundation, which helps raise awareness for early detection and screenings. There's also the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion, which has been running for over 30 years, which brings people together for diversity and inclusion ear year at Sawyer Point. We also proudly sponsor the Cincinnati Music Festival and the PNC Summer Series in Washington Park along with the fireworks special to give people great music and fun during the summer months in the city.

During the holiday season we also make sure to support local charities that help those in our area that are in need, plus we give vehicle back to those in need as we act as a place where the Ohio Valley Goodwill can accept vehicle-only donations as well. You can learn about it all here in our community events page, and if you want to ask us about our next community events or you have something you feel we could help with, contact us today and we can get back to you soon.

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