Secure Auto Financing at Our Dealership Serving Fairfield

At Superior Kia, our goal is to help everyone in our area find the right financing for a vehicle purchase. For many, they might feel like they can't get a new vehicle when they need one or can't afford it because of poor credit or many other scenarios that impact your finances. We're here to say, you can! If you make at least $350 a week, we will guarantee financing to you now! We can help anyone with past credit issues find the financing and auto loans they need along with your next affordable vehicle.

Contact Us If You Make $350 a Week and Need Car Financing

As a guaranteed financing dealership, we will work with our lenders to get you approved directly for financing as long as you make $350 a week. For people with financial hardship who cannot get financing through a normal bank, we will help you. We make sure you have all the details and finance that you can afford so the payments can be made by you monthly and you can be on the path not only to owning your next vehicle, but also potentially restoring credit in the process.

Our entire financing experience also can be done online with our Superior Fast Lane service which allows you to get an estimate on your trade in, get pre-approved for financing, calculate a payment and secure the rate that you need to make a purchase. It's all suited for those in Fairfield and the surrounding area to get the vehicles they need and have reliable transport without worrying about being approved for financing.

Our finance center would be happy to provide you with insight and details while also arranging a time to meet to discuss your financing options and help you get the right car and financing that you need in Fairfield, OH and beyond. We even have no money down options available!